Types of Fears and Ways to Overcome Them

by | May 12, 2022 | mentalhealth

While there are many things that can potentially trigger your feelings of fear, I want you to be aware that there are also as many types of fears. These fears can be categorized into three basic categories: external, internal, or subconscious. Out of the three, the subconscious and internal types of fear are most difficult to find treatment for because a  person must take the initiative to recognize the source of their fear and take necessary steps to overcome it. Recognizing the category in which your fears fit into will help you know how to deal with it.


External Fears

External fears can be seen as one that is easy to diagnose and manage. It is similar to phobias wherein an outside source prompts a degree of internal fear or any manageable level of anxiety. For example, fear of dogs, spider or a fear of heights are among the most common phobias that many people share. A feeling of fear, anxiety or discomfort is experienced by a person when they are confronted with a situation with these triggers. Since the source of fear is easier to identify, then one can easily look for alternative ways in which to confront that trigger and overcome fear.


Since external fears are often caused by negative experiences in the past involving those external sources of fears, you can practice techniques that will help you understand the reality of the situation. EMDR, NLP or Hypnosis are some advanced psychological methods are employed in order to effectively deal with any previous negative associations with these objects or creatures that elicit fear.


Internal Fear


This type of fear is closely associated with low levels of self-esteem or confidence. Much like external fears, these triggers are coming from an outside source and yet it produces a negative emotion. This trigger will then produce internal reactions or fears such as self-doubt or questioning one’s capability to do something. When people begin to question their own abilities, doubt can cripple their ability to be successful or reach their goals. Internal fears often impacts our ability to interact with the social environment.


If you want to overcome internal types of fear, you often must consider your childhood years, especially during the time when character development was at its peak. This is the stage in people’s lives wherein they build characters and develop fears. Some people seek professional help that enables them to adopt a new perspective in life and change any behaviors that produce such insecurities and fears.


Subconscious Fear


This type of fear is produced by accepted beliefs in your mind that serve to limit your potentials and worse, could end up in self sabotage. This one is somewhat associated with the internal type of fear wherein you have the tendency to question your capacity to achieve something. Thus, the tendency for self-doubt and negative self-talk. This one requires you to take active steps towards reversing those beliefs and enable you to maximize your potential.


Goals to Overcome Your Fears


One of the many reasons why people neglect the need to overcome their fears is the lack of motivation. Therefore, setting goals will help increase the desire to manage and overcome your fears. Aside from that, this will enable you to take careful methods toward your goal and provide a sense of direction. One benefit you can get from it is that aside from getting rid of your fears, it offers more focused direction in your everyday living as opposed to not having a clear idea of what you want to do in life.


Setting goals as motivation to overcoming your fears will also enable you to have a bigger grasp at the need to fight your fears as an opportunity to grow and delimit yourself.


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