Individual Therapy (EFIT)

Individual counseling with EFIT can help you understand the power of your emotions & how you can create more peace & calm and find relief from the inner chaos. EFIT can help you have a different relationship with your emotions as it allows you to heal from within during the process of reorganizing your emotional connections & relationship patterns. This therapy approach to therapy was created by Dr. Sue Johnson. One of the benefits of EFIT is that it tends to get results more quickly than traditional therapy options. You will most likely feel the difference within a few short months.




As human beings, we’re complex and multi-layered. That’s why my approach to therapy is individualized; completely tailored to your needs and challenges. Whether you’re looking for therapy to help with relationships, past or current traumas, anxiety, self-esteem issues, people-pleasing, lack of boundaries, managing stress, or coping with the uncertainty of our times, I’m here to help.

I know deep down you want to overcome the challenges that are holding you back so you can ARISE TO LIVE YOUR AMAZING & BEST LIFE!

That’s exactly what I help you with.

I can help you get out of your own way in a judgement-free, compassionate way. I am a woman deeply committed to supporting people, especially women in our tribe and in our world! I deeply understand our struggles and our fears. l am here to work with you to help you to overcome and grow past the issues that are holding you back. My goal is to help you ARISE and reclaim your personal power, peace, confidence and your ability to enjoy your life and relationships in an amazing way!


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