Finding Work-Life Balance In a New Normal

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Friend now that we are in a new normal (Post-COVID) I want to support you in thinking about way you can bring balance in your life. Balance meaning that you begin to think about not only work and responsibilities but think about ways you and your loved ones can enjoy rest, some fun and play in life.

Now let me be real clear…..building balance in your life will take time and dedication. You need to plan it out, know which values that you and your family desire to work on first. It is so important that you and your loved ones consider what values are most important to you all now in a new normal. For me and my family our mental, physical, spiritual & emotional well-being have become high priorities. We have also determined that we are no longer interested in hustle culture, as entrepreneur we want more ease and flow in our lives.

So I want to support you by sharing 5 ways you and your loved ones can begin to bring more peace, calm and fun into your lives. Hear me, we have one life and COVID has taught me and my family that we want to spend more time being vs. continuing in the doing mindset!

Here are 5 ways you and your loved ones can pivot and move away from being busy and feeling overwhelmed to having more peace and play in your life:

  • Get clear on how you define work-life balance. What does balance mean to you & your loved ones!
  • Know your families values: Knowing your values is going to be a key component to learning what changes you need to work on first. Each person is going to come up with different things that are the most valuable to them. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but you need to focus on your own values, and not just the values of others. There are so many aspects of your life to balance out, and having a good idea of which values are the most important to you can help.
  • Balance your work life: Work is important to many people and allows them a way to get ahead in life and really go after a good career. It is also the way that they can support their families. While you do not have to give up work to have balance, you do need to figure out the right steps to help you through it all without ignoring the rest of the aspects. Consider setting boundaries at work, in other words when you are off the clock, stay off the clock! Don’t answer emails, take calls or answer messages when you are no longer on the clock!
  • Hobbies Matter: You will need to take some time to balance in some of the hobbies and passions that you have along the way. These are probably the easiest ones to put on the backburner when you are worn out and tired from everything else. But these are also the things that give passion to your day and can make it more enjoyable.
  • Quality Time with family: When we stay in a busy mindset, the quality time we spend with loved ones can be neglected. It is almost like we talk at each other rather than too each other. I hope that our new normal has taught us how valuable our families are. You children will be small only once and you have to shift out of autopilot and foster a good relationship with them rather than just setting standards and rules for them. Be purposeful in your time with you spouse, spice up your sex life, research romantic ideas and spark a new flame with your bae, boo, or honey. Listen we want our loved ones to be around forever, but we know that we really don’t have forever with our loved ones. Don’t take time with family for granted!
  • Get Connected: We are social beings and many of us went through a really dark time during social isolation! If you feel distant or disconnected from friends or family, be safe, however make time to enjoy activities and outings with your friends! Socialization and having time to spend with others is going to be very important in your life. This can help you to be open to new ideas and prevents issues like depression and more along the way. It is easy to get busy with all of the other things that you need to do during the day, but spending time with friends and family can be good for your health and your mind.
Friend, while you are working to add more balance into your life, you need to add in your health and wellness. If you do not take care of yourself, you will struggle with being able to do the work that any of the other aspects need.  Remember I am here to help if you need 1-on-1 support.


Tamera J.


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