Hi! My name is Tamera J.
I am a ... Trained EMDR Therapist
Trauma, anxiety, & depression- can make life feel overwhelming. I totally understand. Not to mention the current world changes isn’t helping, is it?
For so many of us, we live in fear and have no vision or plans for the future, because we feel so uncertain about what is going to happen next in life! When we’re already struggling with feelings of anxiety & depression, the need to constantly please others or pretend to be “strong & perfect” all the time, leads us down a path in which life & relationships can feel unmanageable!
Friend I have a unique set of skills & tools to help you reclaim your power, confidence & inner peace. I create a safe space that is free of judgement, full of empathy, and completely confidential. I will support you in creating a life of peace & contentment, so you can feel the joys that life brings you every day. In our healing work together, you will soon start to feel free from the sense of overwhelm & regain a sense of control over your life choices and your emotions.
Professional Credentials
  • EMDR Therapy 0% 0%
  • Certified Shame Informed Specialist 0% 0%
  • Trained in Energy Psychology & Tapping 0% 0%
What People Say
Tamera J. is a powerhouse, she will definetly speak to the hidden things that keep you stuck. She spoke to a mindset group for single mothers and all I can say is WOW! She really knows her stuff. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for help.!
Tarsha (Author & Life Coach for Single Moms)

In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, here in UK we were in our first lockdown, I felt lost and confused and I had no clarity for myself and for my business. That call changed my life. I stopped doubting my, I stopped asking for permission for THINGS TO CHANGE FOR ME!
Coach Nuru Balama (Weight Loss Coach)

Tamera J. is such an awesome woman. She speaks truth, but in such a kind, loving way. What I admire about her, she doesn't judge me. When I talk to her, I feel so comfortable, which makes it easier to open up. She's amazing. She's definitely a powerful woman. Time will definitely fly when chatting with her.
Ashley Cheree (Makeup Artist)

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