Hi! My name is Tamera J.

Emdria trained emdr therapist


Hi I am Tamera J. I’m passionate about helping the wounded warriors in life, the people who have been through hell and have survived to tell their story, and those who struggle with never feeling good enough. Why? Because I have been there! 

I know what it is like to live with unhealed trauma, anxiety, & depression. Living with the pain of the past made my life feel overwhelming. I had big dreams and big goals but the pain from the past kept me from believing that I was worthy of achieving them. I had to overcome my own sense of fear and shame and ask for help to gain my freedom and confidence to step out into this world and proclaim that I have a right to be here!So when I hear my share their stories I totally understand. Not to mention the current world changes isn’t helping, is it?
For so many of us, we live in fear and have no vision or plans for the future, because we feel so uncertain about what is going to happen next in life! When we’re already struggling with feelings of anxiety & depression, the need to constantly please others or pretend to be “strong & perfect” all the time, leads us down a path in which life & relationships can feel unmanageable!
Friend I have a unique set of skills & tools to help you reclaim your power, confidence & inner peace. I started my career working in an all male prison facility as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. It was a life changing experience that both humbled me and led me to working with the neediest members of our community — those struggling with addiction, mental illness, homelessness, and family problems. More recently, I’ve focused on building a successful private psychotherapy practice here in San Antonio, Texas. I love the healing work that I have been called to do. I’m excited to share with you all of the knowledge I’ve gathered from the past decade that I have been working in the mental health field. I am here to create a healing space for you or your loved ones, a space that is free of judgment, full of empathy, and completely confidential. In our healing work together, you will soon start to feel free from the sense of overwhelm & regain a sense of personal power that will allow you to create the life you desire and deserve.

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