Arise Counseling & Psychotherapy Services, LLC
Do you feel stuck in the pain of your past? Or is anxiety preventing you from living powerfully in your present? If so, I am here to help!

Breathe. Let It Go. Notice!

My Clients Struggle is Real!
My clients share ways that work, parenting & adulting has become more difficult. They talk about how their past & anxieties have caused them to stop doing what they love so they can avoid being triggered by people and situations!
I pride myself on using therapy approaches that are proven treatment methods. I have invested in extensive & cutting edge trainings of (EMDR. EFIT, & CBT) to help you to navigate through your life challenges in a powerful way. Together, we take a look at your life as a whole – family history, relationships, career path, home life, emotions, thought patterns, to help you to get unstuck from your past and live more powerfully in your present!
Personalized Fit!
I am here to help you find freedom and relief from your past and the overwhelm! I will walk you through the process and make it easy for you to get the help you deserve! I have set my intention to be the therapist that can create an atmosphere of safety so you can be as comfortable as possible on your healing journey!
Hi! My name is Tamera J.
I am a Trained EMDR Therapist & Certified Life Coach
Friend, I am here to do my best work with the people who are motivated to explore what is no longer working for them and discover new ways of being & doing things. I love working with clients who are also committed to the healing work because they realize that change & growth in therapy doesn’t happen overnight. The amazing clients I work with have become SO tired of getting in their own way, allowing their traumas, anxiety, and stress to drive their life. So tired that they are willing to feel temporary discomfort, so they can move to where they want to be in life, relationships & business.

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